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The consultants listed here offer engineering services related to the design and development of power supplies and power systems. They have years of experience in power conversion covering a range of power, current, and voltage levels and in a variety of applications, markets, and industries. These consultants typically have worked in all stages of product development ranging from research to prototype development to production. In addition to their design backgrounds, many have experience in related areas such as field applications engineering. Some also have experience as expert witnesses in patent litigation. This section includes listings for individual consultants as well as consulting firms employing multiple engineers.

The listings in this section are free. To be included, please email us your name, phone #, website and a 150-word description of the services you provide. along with your photo or logo in jpg format. Please note that each consultant is allowed just one listing and that only listings deemed relevant to power electronics design will be posted in this section. reserves the right not to post any listings it deems inappropriate.

Works by Consultants

A number of the consultants listed in this section have published articles or videos on various topics in power conversion in the HOW2POWER TODAY newsletter.

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Power Electronics Design Consultants

Electronic Design Engineer A2Z Consulting Ltd.

Phone: 972544863403
Email A2Z
A2Z Consulting Ltd. is a consulting company in the field of power electronics and electric drives. The company was founded by Dr. Adrian Zuckerberger—a senior experienced engineer with wide industrial and academic experience. The A2Z Consulting team has more than 50 years of accumulated experience covering technical and organization fields. The team concentrates on product development covering different topics in power electronics, electric drives and mechanical engineering. Our main expertise is the design of medium voltage drives, from the initial development steps to the manufacture and testing. We have extensive experience in many types of simulations: Matlab Simulink simulations of power systems, PSpice simulations and finite element analysis in numerous fields. Our vast experience in mechanical engineering covers various fields, including thermal design and vibration isolation design.

Electronic Design Engineer ADX Research, Inc

Phone: 630-780-4146
Email ADX
ADX Research provides consultant services and intellectual property in the areas of digital Class D audio amplifiers, high performance switching power conversion, supply modulation of RF power amplifiers, Switching RF generation and amplification and RF power amplifier linearization. Pallab Midya has 37 issued US patents, 35 publications. He is the recipient of the IEEE PELS - Richard M. Bass Outstanding Young Power Electronics Engineer Award and the University of Illinois ECE Young Alumni Achievement Award in 2002. He has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UIUC. He was the system architect for the IC FSA95601. This IC won the EDN Innovation Award in 2006 in the category of analog ICs. He held the Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor before founding ADX Research in 2009.

Electronic Design Engineer AEi Systems

Phone: 310-216-1144
Email AEi
AEi Systems is a world leader in worst case circuit analysis (WCCA), SPICE modeling, and hi-rel rad-hard dc-dc converter design. We perform the following services: worst-case circuit analysis for RF, linear and power systems of all types, MTBF/reliability, FMEA/FMECA, stress & derating, signal Integrity and radiation analysis. We are a team of highly skilled RF and power supply circuit designers whose main business is worst case analysis. We have been doing WCCA for over 20 years and count as our repeat customers nearly every significant IC and aerospace manufacturer. AEi Systems engineers are the best way for your company to get worst case and reliability analyses done ASAP and right, the first time! When in-house resources are just not available, AEi Systems can step in and pick up the slack. We specialize in getting you back on schedule. We have our own laboratory with test equipment geared towards power supply development and evaluation.

Electronic Design Engineer Ambertec, P.E., P.C.

Phone: 516-378-0979
Email Ambertec,
More than forty years of design experience in services to over a dozen military and industrial corporations in multiple electronic disciplines including analog (low noise audio, power audio, temperature measurement, electrocardiogram recordings, etc.), power supplies (low voltage to 100 amperes and high voltage to 100,000 volts), HF/ VHF/ UHF equipment, uP development and debugging, test instrument design and test program development. More than forty technical items published in the trade journals. Items appearing in Electronic Design Magazine's "Ideas For Design" column won their "Best Of The Issue" award on four occasions.

Electronic Design Engineer Avatar Engineering Corp.

Phone: 480-269-1370
Email Avatar
CEO and New Product Development Pro, Anthony Esposito, has 35 years of experience in power conversion and precision instrumentation for all markets; consumer, industrial, telecommunications, green-power, medical, military, and space. AEC capabilities include ac and/or dc conversion in milliwatts to kilowatts whether low voltage or kilovolts, milliamperes to kiloamperes. Designs to fit within a few millimeters or to be carried by a forklift; We've delivered projects that range in complexity from wearable "battery chargers" to multi-quadrant digital gradient amplifiers for medical MRI. We can provide low cost designs for high-volume commodity applications or premium system-level power for precision controls or to meet the harshest of environments (-55C to +90C base-plates). Each of our team has decades of experience. Esposito is also founder of NPD PRO, which offers a business simulator that can be used to create the business case for power development at a project or entire business level.

Electronic Design Engineer AXID Power Electronics Consultants

Phone: +33 (0)4 92 96 96 94
Email AXID
Led by Roland d'Authier, AXID is an innovative power electronic engineering company based in France and working for all Europe. Our target is always the highest efficiency possible (98%, 99%). AXID is designing PV and hybrid smart grid inverters, electrical cars and scooters drivers, compact embedded 98% eff. battery chargers, Foucault effect breaks drivers and custom made power supplies in severe environments for drilling companies (8 cm tube, 3500 m depth, 350 bars, -55°C, +90°C...). All our designs are based on digital regulation (DSP. Innovative resonant topology: isolated dc-dc converters at 97.5% efficiency (LLC3, 60A). Services: mathematical analysis of resonant topologies, simulation, schematics, PWM generation algorithms, PCB layouts, DSP programming, prototypes, small quantities and EMC compliance tests.

Electronic Design Engineer B & R Electronics

Phone: 775-622-9355
Email B
Value Specialists! Neil Barabas, Principal, is expert in giving you the most watts per dollar, both during the design stage, and later in manufacturing. We help the client define their needs, and then look at the most efficient overall solutions. For the lowest life-cycle costs, tradeoffs are looked at for minimizing design time without sacrificing reliability. We have the complete spectrum of power experience--under 1 W to over 100 kW, dc, ac, low voltage, high voltage. high power factor. High efficiency. High current. High volume commercial to industrial grade to ultra-reliable deep space. Analysis and design review services are also available. Our goal is one-stop shopping: we can help you write the specification, then take the design through schematics, PCB layout, assembly and test. BOM's with IN STOCK sources and prices, including MAGNETICS, are provided. A readily manufacturable, cost effective product is what you can count on!

Electronic Design Engineer Babak Fahimi

Phone: 817-454-2837
Email Babak
Dr. Babak Fahimi is a specialist in the design and control of adjustable speed motor drives for use in pumps/compressors and electric traction drives, the design and control of power electronic converters for applications in grid interface renewable energy sources, and the design of integrated magnetics. Fahimi received his PhD from Texas A&M University in 1999 and has three years of industry and 15 years of academic experience to his credit. He has authored over 300 articles on various aspects of his research and holds 17 U.S. patents with 6 more pending. He has been a consultant to several large and small industries and has served as expert witness in his field of endeavor. Fahimi is a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to modeling and analysis of adjustable speed motor drives.

Electronic Design Engineer Biricha Digital Power

Email Biricha
Biricha Digital Power is an established UK-based consulting company specializing in hardware/software design of digital power supplies, power supply modeling, embedded system programming and industrial training. In particular, Biricha Digital collaborates closely with Texas Instruments in order to provide in-depth digital power supply design workshops throughout Europe and North America. These lab-based design workshops are aimed at analog power supply designers and embedded systems engineers needing to design digital power supplies.

Electronic Design Engineer Bob White

Phone: 303-474-0981
Email Bob
I have over thirty years of experience designing and developing power systems, ac-dc power supplies, and dc-dc converters. My experience includes design engineering, systems and applications engineering, and technology development. I have the breadth and depth of experience to provide a full range of design, systems and applications engineering, and technical marketing services to system OEMS, power conversion manufacturers, and semiconductor manufacturers. •Widely recognized as a leading expert in digital power and power system architecture •Knowledgeable in embedded hardware and firmware development •A skilled and accomplished communicator and public speaker •Experienced working with customers, design groups, manufacturing groups and suppliers all over the world •Experienced in supporting legal counsel in litigation •Well equipped laboratory for experimental work •Well equipped for simulation and analysis (SIMPLIS, Mathcad, Matlab/Simulink,SPICE) •BSEE from MIT, MSEE from WPI, Fellow of the IEEE

Electronic Design Engineer Bose Research Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: +91 80 23419278
Email Bose
Bose Research provides R&D services for the development of power electronics, custom power supplies, analog circuits, digital power, solar and renewable energy, EMC and new product development for customers worldwide. After developing production-able prototypes that meet predefined specifications including EMC/thermal/safety etc., complete technology is transferred to our customers. We do not do any manufacturing and our customers always own the developed technology. Fuelled by our exceptionally strong commitment to research and innovation, all our cutting edge technology solutions leverage our intellectual property. With a passion for customer satisfaction, we partner with our customers to create a transparent and value-based relationship.

Electronic Design Engineer Champs Technologies

Phone: 646-330-5064
Email Champs
World class design of planar magnetics for telecom, industrial, computer and avionics markets. Design of wound components for PoE, current, gate drive, LAN, EMI applications. Design of embedded dc-dc converter including PCB layout through to SM assembly of dc-dc "brick" modules and digital converters. Consultant for companies seeking to outsource manufacture to Asia. Act as liaison to help establish business connections for power electronics companies seeking affiliation and expansion of market presence in mainland China. Recent designs: 1. Battery charger for bicycles for Chinese market. 2. Low profile ac-dc laptop adapter featuring planar magnetics. 3. Battery startup for helicopter aux power. 4. Dc-dc embedded magnetics and converter design (analog and digital) for telecom market. 5. Slim Tablet using UWB to USB and touch-LCD display for direct communication with pc host and delivery of video.

Electronic Design Engineer Converter Technology Ltd.

Phone: +44 (0)1865 589682
Email Converter
Converter Technology provides class leading power electronic design and test services to a global customer base. We focus on using leading edge IC technology and design techniques to ensure the power solutions we provide meet the best possible cost/performance point for our customers' products. We work with customers across all market segments and are proud to have supported clients from small start-ups to large multinational organizations.

Electronic Design Engineer Cyklics

Phone: 800-240-0371
Email Cyklics
Cyklics, founded by recognized author and power electronics expert Sanjaya Maniktala, offers consultancy and systems design services in switching power supplies (both ac-dc and dc-dc), power over Ethernet and wireless power charging. Sanjaya has over two decades of hands-on experience across three continents to help you in your design innovation efforts, qualification, troubleshooting, BOM cost optimization, preparing marketing collateral, team training, patent litigation, etc. Visit his website to understand how his broad but extremely detailed skill set can be of use to you.

Electronic Design Engineer DCHopkins&Associates, LLC

Phone: 716-791-7191
Email DCHopkins&Associates,
The Associates of DCHopkins&Associates, LLC (DCH&A) specialize in the complete development, design and fabrication of electronic energy systems in areas of power, energy, motion, and lighting. Unique specialty exists in high-density, high-frequency, high-temperature power electronics including emphasis on power packaging. Recent projects include designs with SiC semiconductors, circuits at >200°C, and development of solid-state protection for military systems and electric vehicles. Dr. Hopkins through his involvement at the University at Buffalo can apply substantial resources to advanced projects. A specialized service offered by DCH&A is Technical Design Reviews where world-renowned technical contributors are assembled to offer positive critiques at all levels of a design and development program. DCH&A also provides expert investigation and expert witness services, including analysis, laboratory construction and testing. Associates bring expertise to technical investigations in liability and intellectual property disputes. Dr. Hopkins, through University affiliation, brings unbiased interpretation to expert reports, depositions and testimony.

Electronic Design Engineer Design Criteria, Inc.

Phone: 801-393-1414
Email Design
Mr. Belnap founded Design Criteria, Inc. in 1999 as a power electronics design and manufacturing firm. He was responsible for the design of a power controller to shut down 120 A of 8 V power in less than 5 µseconds and several low power, off-line double ended forward converters for military applications. Carl has designed a 1000 A inductor and many other custom magnetics, both planar and conventional, including a miniature transformer that was embedded in an eight pin dip and BGA integrated circuit (IC). He has also developed a self oscillating low voltage power supply with 2500 V isolation and a very low component count. Through his innovative skills a 1 MHz power transformer for dc-dc converter applications was designed in which the power density is more the thirty times the state-of-the-art. Mr. Belnap was responsible for the development of a very fast switching, solid-state current limiting power controller for NASA.

Electronic Design Engineer Design/Analysis Consultants, Inc.

Phone: 813-975-7278
Email Design/Analysis
Led by Ed Walker, Design/Analysis Consultants helps protect companies from lawsuits and save them money by finding design errors before products go into production. •To resolve liability issues we determine if a product flaw is due to design, manufacturing, and/or improper use. •We provide creative and innovative solutions for these challenges: 1) Our product was working and now it isn't. 2) A unit blew up and we don't know why. 3) Our product works but needs to be made more reliable. 4) We need to move our product from the prototype phase to first production. •We solve electronics problems that have been "unsolvable" by other design teams and consultants (no charge if we don't solve it.)

Electronic Design Engineer dtm Associates

Phone: 978-365-4493
Email dtm
Led by Anthony G.P. Marini, dtm Associates is a Massachusetts-based, full service engineering consulting firm specializing in power and analog circuit research, design and development. We have successfully designed and developed products ranging from sub-watt dc-dc converters to 500 kW+ power inverters for the renewable energy industry and everything in between. We perform a wide variety of services ranging from sanity checks to turnkey product development. We routinely do product development in the commercial, industrial, military and space product venues (including rad-hard and rad-tolerant circuit design.) We also specialize in the areas of EMI/RFI analysis and reduction, reliability prediction and analysis, and microelectronics circuit development. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have helped our numerous customers with clever, cost-effective solutions to their demanding technical problems. Please visit our website and review our capabilities and services, and give us a call with your most demanding requirements, and let us help you too!

Electronic Design Engineer Electronics Business Technology Experts LLC

Phone: 480-748-8182
Email Electronics
With over 20 years of experience in the electronics and semiconductor industries, Kevin Parmenter offers expertise in electronics and power electronics circuit design, test & measurement, technology marketing-sales & sales channels, and authoring of application notes and articles. Parmenter also performs make-vs-buy analysis and other forms of management consulting in the technology space.

Electronic Design Engineer ELMG Power Electronics

Phone: +64 3 9611222
Email ELMG
ELMG offer custom, semi-custom and OEM power electronic converter development in many application areas including wind, tidal and wave energy, welding, telecoms, induction motor/generator control, BLDC motor/generator control and static VAR compensation. ELMG are experienced specialists in digital and DSP control of power electronics. Specialists in stability and control of multiple (>100) interconnected power converters and power converter interactions with the ac grid. Experienced specialists in high voltage power electronics (up to 100 kV) for connection to the ac grid. ELMG also provide consulting services in EMC/EMI, power converter stability, DSP algorithms for power control and coding. Consulting services include power electronic product compliance (like CE, UL, and CCC) for multiple international markets. ELMG is headed by Dr. Hamish Laird. Hamish's PhD work at Canterbury University accurately modeled and measured power converter transfer non-linearity for inclusion in control design. Dr. Hamish Laird has worked in Europe and in New Zealand.

Electronic Design Engineer Ernie Wittenbreder

Phone: 928-699-4262
Email Ernie
Ernie Wittenbreder is widely recognized in the industry from his seminars, publications, and many patents. His areas of industry leading expertise include topology selection, design trade off decision making, high efficiency design, soft switching, gate drivers, and design for EMC. His applications experience spans a broad range including high reliability and extremely low noise converters for military and aerospace, telecommunications, solid state lighting, very high density power supply in package (PSIP) converters, and a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Wittenbreder has developed a power converter computer simulation product and SiC gate driver IC. He also has a great deal of litigation experience in a patent infringement lawsuit: being deposed, preparing courtroom presentations, writing briefs and other documents, planning lines of questioning for opposing witnesses, and performing prior art searches. Wittenbreder began his career as a physics professor and holds MS Physics and MSEE degrees and BS, math and physics.

Electronic Design Engineer EXPRO S.r.l.

Phone: +39 011 7728367
Expro Sas is an Italian design company specializing in power electronics. The company was founded in 1995 by Claudio Occhiena, a switching power supply designer since 1977. Expro Sas addresses design requirements across a wide power range, from just a few watts to over 15 kW per module and greater than 100 kW of total system capacity for multiple and redundant systems. Our customers operate in all the key business sectors such as railroad, telecommunications, broadcasting, LED lighting, industrial and banking automation, electrical trucks, etc. Moreover, our service is completely customer-oriented, offering support from the preliminary phases of the project, to PCB design and construction of prototypes, up to consulting on all tests required by international standards. In addition to design, we specialize in reverse engineering; we can redesign an obsolete power supply (but not only) with the same features, interfaces and exact mechanics as the original structure.

Electronic Design Engineer Ferdinando Severi

Phone: +39 339 5635915
Email Ferdinando
Ferdinando Severi is an electronic engineer and small business owner with 20+ years’ experience in power electronics and motion control of BLDC/PMAC motors (fans and compressors for refrigeration, air conditioning, pumps, white goods, etc.). Able to design and perform electrical and thermal characterization of power electronics. Works with motion products from Infineon (Severi is a former application engineer at International Rectifier), STM, NXP and ON Semi. Experienced with Matlab/Simulink: modeling and simulation of power electronics, BLDC/PMAC motors and load; development of advanced motion control algorithms; running software-in-the-loop and processor-in-the-loop; then automatic generation of c-code and trace verification on the running motor. Can provide consultation, but also take responsibility for the full design cycle. Starting from specifications, can implement hardware/firmware; characterize functional, electrical and thermal performance; conduct pre-compliance testing; follow formal certification testing and assist production startup.

Electronic Design Engineer Ferencz Consulting

Phone: 508-245-4198
Email Ferencz
Turnkey power development and consulting from 1 W to 20 kW and 1 V to 1000 V. General consulting. Expert in EMI, ESD, and compliance. Licensed Ansys Maxwell site. DSP design. PCB design. Experience in medical, military, consumer, avionics, industrial, and networking.

Electronic Design Engineer Gabriel Suciu

Phone: 972-4-9570194
Email Gabriel
Eldor Power Electronics Consulting & Design Engineer M.Sc.Engineer; IEEE Power Electronics Society Member; Design - consulting - prototype development. Fields: 1. Power electronics : power supplies; power conversion; ac-dc,dc-dc,dc-ac converter design. 2. Analog and digital design and simulations 3. Feedback loop analysis 4. Magnetic design 5. Thermal design 6. RFI and EMC anlysis. Expertise: 1) design power electronics and analog circuits 2) design power supplies 3) design power switching supply applications; 4) industrial ,commercial and military field 5) prototype and test equipment 6) provide electrical engineering, power electronics engineering, technical supervision and advice, power electronics circuits and systems consulting. 30 years of experience with a lot of projects executed for companies like Honeywell, Loral-USA, and Elgar-Sorensen.

Electronic Design Engineer Gregory Mirsky

Phone: 847-347-5120
Email Gregory
Gregory Mirsky offers services in diverse electronic device design. These services include operational and worst case analysis, design and analysis of switched-mode power supplies, design and analysis of magnetic components including high-frequency transformers and inductors, and design and analysis of control systems in both the frequency and time domains. Mirsky also provides analysis and recommendations concerning heat sink thermal management and EMC/EMI. He holds a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics and an MS degree in electronics including radio electronics. Mirsky has design proficiency over a wide frequency range spanning 0 Hz to 300 GHz.

Electronic Design Engineer Ingenuity Design Group

Phone: 720-397-1155
Email Ingenuity
Ingenuity Design Group is a team of electronics design consultants with several power electronics design specialists. We provide design services for power electronics for voltages up to 1500 Vdc, and up to several hundred kilowatts. We have developed dc-dc and dc-ac power supplies, electric motor drives, and battery storage systems. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and have developed products for the automotive, industrial, commercial, and medical industries. We have experience with silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium nitride (GaN) discrete devices and modules. Our services include concept development, topology selection, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, circuit schematic design capture, PCB layout, custom magnetics design, designing for electromagnetic compliance (EMC), designing for functional safety (ISO 26262 and IEC 61508), high volume manufacturing, validation and verification testing, mechanical design, embedded software and HDL design, and digital control for motors and switch mode power supplies.

Electronic Design Engineer Innovative Power Solutions Inc.

Phone: 403-271-3972
Email Innovative
Innovative Power Solutions provides complete power electronics design services including simulation, analysis, PCB layout and documentation. Dale Tardiff, the founder of Innovative Power Solutions has over 20 years experience in power electronics. Successful projects include inverters, dc-dc converters, power amplifiers and surge suppression devices. Products have been developed for a variety of industries including railway, aerospace, communications, and clean technology. Innovative Power Solutions also has partnerships with consultants who can provide regulatory/certification, product testing, mechanical design and assembly services.

Electronic Design Engineer Intellectual Property and Technology Experts, LLC

Phone: 415-218-7198
Email Intellectual
With more than 30 years of experience in system-level power electronic products and power semiconductors with industry leaders such as Apple, ABB, Fairchild, Cypress, onsemi, and Silicon Valley startups, we have walked in your shoes. Now our expertise is at your disposal to help you reach your goals. We know you can do everything yourself, but you don't have to. Led by principal Mikhail Guz, we can help you with a broad range of tasks from corporate strategy to product development and product management, system and application engineering, marketing, GTM strategy, supply chain, manufacturing operations, and FP&A. We also bring a unique combination of deep technical expertise and hands-on experience in all aspects of intellectual property creation, management, and monetization.

Electronic Design Engineer It Can Be Done

Phone: 408 -663-9130
Email It
It does not look possible. You are in a bind. The sky is falling. You need an idea. You need creativity. You need “It Can Be Done”. At “It Can Be Done”, we have creativity. We bring innovation. Most of the time, with a little twist, we can save your concept. It does not have to be a: “Trash it and start again.” Please see a list of our various achievements listed in the “It can be done” file at the link provided here. The other files describe some of our individual accomplishments in greater detail.

Electronic Design Engineer Jose Thomas

Phone: 714-726-3837
Email Jose
Independent engineering consultant specialized in switching power supply design used in dc-dc brick design (quarter, half and one-eight), ac-dc power supply, welding machine, TIG, MIG, ARC, wire feeder, orbital welding machine, plasma cutting machine, uninterrupted power supply design (UPS) - SPWM technology, speed control of dc motor, dc drives for tensile testing machine, V/F control of ac motor. Constant current and constant voltage power supply. Analog design. Software tool expertise: PCB layout using PCAD, Mentor graphics, Protel, LTspice, ICAP, Mathcad. Comfortable working with multiple source components, low cost high production units. Actively looking for any challenging projects related to power electronics. Self-starter, from scratch to workable model. Power range = 20 watts to 20 kwatts using MOSFET and IGBT. One patent pending.

Electronic Design Engineer Kemco-Power Controls

Phone: 516-681-4346
Email Kemco-Power
Led by Martin Kanner, BSAE, BSEE, MSEE, Kemco-Power Controls offers pragmatic design of multi-output switching power supplies and precision electro-mechanical servo controls; including thermal interface and magnetics. Expert witness & technical investigations for insurance companies & lawyers. Acknowledged in the N. Y. Law Journal for an investigation and testimony that resulted in a 100% jury liability award. A results oriented, fundamental engineering capability with an excellent track record across a broad range of engineering disciplines. The record includes timely development of deliverable hardware, unique and creative solutions to engineering problems for commercial, defense and space applications. Awarded five U.S. patents, several academic honors and published numerous technical articles.

Electronic Design Engineer Magnetic Design Labs, Inc.

Phone: 714-558-3355
Email Magnetic
Led by Kamran Kazem, Magnetic Design Labs offers consultant services with 35+ years experience in power electronics design: dc-dc converters, dc-ac inverters including true sine wave, ac-dc switching and linear power supplies, and magnetics (transformer & inductor) design. Experience includes military and hi-rel design with expertise in digital design using DSPs and microprocessors including writing code for digitally controlled inverters and power supplies with external interfaces. Also experienced in converter circuit simulations, motion control and motor driver design; can troubleshoot and correct your converter/power supply designs; and have full lab facilities for product development, testing, and prototyping. Kazem is an IEEE Senior Member with a BSEE and MBA from University of California, Irvine.

Electronic Design Engineer Manoj Rathi

Phone: 91-253-2338966
Email Manoj
Dr. Manoj Rathi started the Research Center For Sustainable Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2008 with the aim of developing energy efficient and cost effective solutions. He has vast experience of more than 15 years in the development of power electronics-based solutions. He has developed various solutions for power supplies, dc-dc converters, inverters, renewable energy systems, LED lighting, solar-wind hybrid systems, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, etc. His expertise includes designing solutions with control design, modeling and simulations, PCB design, hardware development debugging and testing, etc. Solar and LED lighting solutions developed by him are commercially available. He is also involved in customized solution development for special applications. He has a PhD in Power Engineering focusing on the power electronics area from the University of Minnesota and an M.Tech in Energy Systems Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.

Electronic Design Engineer New Tech Electronics Inc.

Phone: 407-925-6665
Email New
Jerry Cohen founded New Tech Electronics in 2000 as an electronics consultant in power electronics, addressing medical, consumer, industrial and military. Expert in compliance support for UL Safety, ETL, CSA, TUV, EMC, FCC Part 15, CE Mark and mil compliance (see Design and development of numerous power conversion devices including and not limited to: •Dc-dc switch mode power supplies, ac-dc power supplies, dc-ac power, •Uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, solar inverters, solar controllers, •Motor controllers, LED drivers, battery power chargers, USB charging, phantom power, High frequency magnetics design •Linear power supply design •Low and high voltage power supply design •Printed circuit board layout design •Surface mount technology •Design for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) •Design for reliability •Complete documentation. Cost effective engineering and development by the job or the hour. From an idea to a product.

Electronic Design Engineer NOIZGON

Phone: 408-663-9130
The operation is shaky. There is jitter. You have a huge overshoot. The waveforms are not like in the simulation. You do not pass EMI. It seems that you have a severe noise problem going in the control. There are some solutions but most are dealing with the packaging. The physical implementation of power circuits is extremely critical. Unfortunately, low noise packaging is not taught in ME schooling. This background skill is not widespread. It comes from experience. NOIZGON will help to solve the design implementation problems. We can put you back on schedule. There are several possible fixes. We can teach your EEs and MEs how to do a Noise - Gone design. Our latest achievement is a PWM power transfer above 200 KW. The waveforms are textbook green clean. There is no more Red. We also work at lower power level where noise is equally critical.

Electronic Design Engineer One-Cycle Control, Inc.

Phone: 949-727-0107
Email One-Cycle
Led by Drs. Greg Smedley and Keyue Smedley, One-Cycle Control offers design consulting and engineering services relating to power electronics integration, power system voltage stabilization, energy storage, renewable integration (wind, solar, micro hydro), smart grid, micro grid, hybrid power, high performance power, power quality, and industrial applications.

  Orvelle Technologies, Inc.

Phone: 978-352-8235
Email Orvelle
Orvelle Technologies is an electronics design consulting firm specializing in the design, development, and production of custom analog and mixed-signal products. Orvelle was formed in 1991 to satisfy a growing need for custom audio designs. Since that time, Orvelle Technologies has developed significant expertise in the field of high-power Class-D audio amplifiers, switch-mode power supplies, and peripheral analog support functions, like preamplifiers, equalizers, and data convertors. Our products are currently in use in consumer, professional audio, musical instrument, industrial, and military systems. Additional capabilities include high-density mixed-signal printed circuit board layout and production interface.

Electronic Design Engineer Peekamoose Power, LLC

Phone: 973-334-3386
Email Peekamoose
Led by Bruce Modick, Peekamoose Power has broad experience with a portfolio of 40+ designs, spanning the range of 10 W to 190 kW, inputs to 550 Vac, outputs to 2200 V. System designs include ac-dc, dc-dc, dc-ac, ac-ac, high-availability (multiple inputs “—” ac, ac & dc, multiple dc, automatic glitch-free switchover between sources), modular redundant systems, stationary and portable UPS systems. Extensive telemetry, diagnostics, w/embedded webservers are common. Application areas include commercial, industrial, airborne (commercial, military), rail, solar, and all branches of the military. Environments include airborne (fighter, rotary wing), computer room, ground (benign, fixed, mobile), naval sheltered/unsheltered and telecom (office and outdoor). Cooling techniques include convection, conduction, direct forced air, indirect forced-air (non-impinging), and liquid cooled. Additional experience includes nuclear hardening, EMP, NEMP & TEMPEST. We offer unique assistance with any aspect of power conversion, including initial system architecture & planning, specification, proposal stage, design, design reviews, reliability growth, and failure analysis.

Electronic Design Engineer Peritus Power

Phone: +44-7515-881-440
Email Peritus
Lee Harrison brings more than 25 years of industry experience to his role as principle at the UK-based Peritus Power Ltd., which provides reliability and root cause services as well as design and marketing advice to companies in the technology space. Lee works with clients on cutting edge technology for digital power and with start-ups on anything related to power. Among his many accomplishments at Peritus Power, Lee has prepared a 5-year power strategy for a tier 1 power vendor and defined a cutting edge ac-dc power supply that exceeds the Climate Savers Platinum standard. Previously, Lee gained extensive experience designing power supplies for the military and is now considered a leading expert on protecting electronics and power supplies from EMP and nuclear weapon attacks. Lee also has extensive experience designing power products for the computing industry and shaped a key power architecture while at Sun Microsystems.

Electronic Design Engineer Power Conversion Consulting, LLC

Phone: 360-584-6382
Email Power
Power Conversion Consulting offers support in server power delivery architecture, design, and prototyping of power test tools. These include energy recycling electronic loads, high current miniature slammers emulating CPU behavior, non-intrusive CPU/memory current monitoring and power virus protection techniques, and small-size 1-kA rated worst case ac inrush current detecting testers. The company is led by Dr. Viktor Vogman, who has 20 years of hardware engineering and power architecture experience at Intel. Vogman holds over 50 U.S. and foreign patents and has authored over 20 articles on various power delivery and analog design aspects.

Electronic Design Engineer PowerELab Ltd.

Phone: +852 36950234
Email PowerELab
A spin-off from the Hong Kong University, PowerELab features a highly trained staff. Most of our engineers have advanced degrees and together have a total of 100 years of industrial design experience. We provide turn-key design solutions for projects such as high efficiency ac-dc converters, LED drivers, dc-ac inverters, EMI reduction, EV chargers, digital control, etc. Because we are located in Hong Kong and close to China, we can provide good support to manufacturing in China. We also consider safety and EMC compliance in our designs and can walk our clients through the steps required to obtain the necessary approvals.

Electronic Design Engineer PowerRox

Phone: 508-847-5747
Email PowerRox
PowerRox's principal, Brian Zahnstecher, contributes expertise in power design, integration, systems applications, technical marketing/sales support, and OEM market penetration to those seeking to establish or enhance their position in the power electronics marketplace. The firm specializes in enterprise-level applications and customers, while also serving other markets.

Electronic Design Engineer Preston Consulting Ltd.

Phone: +64 21 486652
Email Preston
Preston Consulting delivers power electronic solutions to global clients from SMEs to large OEMs. We offer a range of services from design reviews, control system design and EMC advice to turnkey solutions and small manufacturing runs (up to 1000 units). Specialising in higher power, higher efficiency conversion systems covering dc-dc, ac-dc and dc-ac converters, bi-directional and 4 quadrant converters. We have a large stock of proprietary solutions which we can license to you to meet your power electronic requirements and also do on-site consulting and troubleshooting to get your products to market, passing the required standards. Power electronics requires an experienced mix of power electronic, control system, thermal, RFI and mechanical knowledge to successfully create useful power converters and we at Preston Consulting have been working exclusively in this area since 1991.

Electronic Design Engineer Redl Consulting

Phone: +41 26 411 0026
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Dr. Richard Redl provides consulting services in the field of ac-dc and dc-dc power supplies, inverters and UPSs, power supply ICs, electronic ballasts, and other areas of power electronics. The services include custom designs, simulations, debugging, design reviews of products, "fire fighting" during design, development, or production, in-house seminars and courses, and patent searches. Richard has nearly 50 years of experience in power electronics (switchmode power supplies up to 100 kW, single-phase and three-phase PFCs up to 60 kW, UPSs and inverters, battery chargers, multi-pulse/RF automotive ignition systems, electronic ballasts, and architectural designs of power supply ICs). He holds a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Budapest, where he taught for 15 years before becoming a consultant. He has written 110 technical papers and three book chapters, and presented seminars and tutorials on a variety of power electronics topics. He is a co-author of the book "Dynamic Analysis of Switching-Mode DC/DC Converters" and an inventor of 22 patents. Richard is a Life Fellow of the IEEE.

Electronic Design Engineer Renewable Energy Engineering, LLC

Phone: 310-721-1201
Email Renewable
Renewable Energy Engineering is led by Nitish Agrawal who started his career in 1994 designing high frequency, high reliability optoelectronics. Since 2006 he has done motor/generator designs, motor drives, power electronic converter design. We work ensuring our client's best interest and success. We make realistic schedules, deliver on time. Reasonable rates, innovative designs. Our capabilities include ●High power density inverter design; high frequency power electronics/power magnetics, prototyping, testing. ●Modeling, control of power electronics (SPICE, MATLAB/SIMULINK). ●Embedded control using FPGA. ●Motor drives, switching power converters using wide-bandgap semiconductors, high reliability. ●High efficiency permanent magnet motor/generator design, for wind turbines, electric vehicles, including transverse flux (TFM). ●Field oriented control of motors including TFM. ●Analytical modeling of motors/generators. ●3-D electromagnetic flux simulations. ●Accurate testing, characterization of magnetic materials (B/H loop, loss). ●EMI/EMC compliance design. ●IEEE 1547/UL 1741 compliance guidance, testing. ●In-house lab facility.

Electronic Design Engineer Robert M. (Bob) Zwicker

Phone: 360-459-2928
Email Robert
Bob Zwicker has been designing, testing, and verifying power converters and analog circuitry since 1980. Nineteen years of this experience was as a design engineer for power supply companies and 12 years as an applications engineer for the IC industry. Bob patented a design (which entered mass production) for controlling synchronous rectifiers in isolated power supplies. All of his work for power supply companies included safety and EMC compliance. He has published applications notes, articles in How2Power Today and EDN, and papers in PCIM. His specialty is design of isolated and non-isolated power converters, with single and multiple outputs, using both innovative and conventional topologies as well as combinations. Designs use off-the-shelf magnetics, multiple-sourced and customer-preferred components wherever possible.

Electronic Design Engineer Ron and Carol Lenk

Phone: 408-394-3023
Email Ron
Supply chain issues? I now can design using only multi-source components! Power supplies, power electronics, power systems and LED drivers. Thirty years’ experience in designing custom ac-dc and dc-dc switch-mode power supplies, 120/240/277/415 Vac, PFC, three-phase power; dimming of LEDs; very high frequency switching, battery charging, writing IC specifications, MTBF calculation, specialized PCB layout for power and LEDs; EMI, lightning and UL. Decades of hands-on experience prototyping electronics hardware and designing thermal interfaces. Experienced lab-debug on Zoom! I was the founder of Switch Light based on my inventions, and as featured on the front cover of Wired magazine. I am the author of the best-selling "Practical Design of Power Supplies" and co-authored "Practical Lighting Design with LEDs." More than three dozen issued U.S. patents, I specialize in inventions-to-order and writing patents. Three-day quick turn designs to year-long research projects. If it’s challenging, I want to hear about it!

Electronic Design Engineer Signal Edge Solutions, LLC

Phone: 301-887-3371
Email Signal
Led by Benjamin Dannan, Signal Edge Solutions is a leader in modeling and simulation and a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB). From the VRM to the ASIC, we have your power integrity and signal integrity covered. Power integrity is part of our DNA! We provide real-world solutions for your most challenging SI/PI/EMC applications. Our specialties include end-to-end SI/PI simulation and modeling, measurement-based model development, and precision measurements focused on power integrity success. Our services include electromagnetic (EM) extractions of packages, substrates, and PCBs; end-to-end signal integrity simulation and modeling of high-speed memory and SerDes channels; power integrity simulation and PDN analysis from the VRM to the ASIC; measurement-based model development for VRMs and passive components; PCB stack-up design services; design reviews; SI/PI training; and technical writing services.

Electronic Design Engineer Smart Power Solutions LLP

Phone: +44 113 256 2332
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Founded in 2001, UK-based Smart Power Solutions specializes in the design and manufacture of intelligent high-efficiency power electronics systems both for static and rotating applications. We have applied experience and techniques learned working on sophisticated motor drive systems to power supplies, power conditioners and grid tied inverters with great success. We work on high volume cost sensitive applications for automotive and appliance applications as well as lower volume high power applications. We have 6 professional power electronics oriented engineers backed up by a very well kitted development lab. We carry out all aspects of design in house including both hardware and software development. We also have in house electrical safety and EMC pre-compliance capability as well as extensive functional test facilities. We work very closely with our customers during all stages of a project right through to manufacture and provide a very bespoke service that is highly valued.

Electronic Design Engineer Strategic Technology Group LLC

Phone: 877-592-4848
Email Strategic
Design, development, simulation and testing of brushless permanent magnet motors, induction motors, motor drives, light electric vehicles, switch mode power supplies, high frequency transformers, battery packs, battery chargers, embedded systems, dc-dc converters, uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, digital power control, lighting power management, motor power management, fuel gauges, distributed power architectures, EMI/EMC, simulation/modeling, test & measurement.

Electronic Design Engineer Switch Mode Technologies Inc.

Phone: 480-620-0428
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Led by Mervyn Montoya, Switch Mode Technologies has for over 40 years been assisting companies with limited technical resources in the design and analysis of dc-dc converters, pure sine-wave inverters, battery chargers and all types of switching power supplies. We have assisted companies throughout the U.S. as well as Europe. We have a full lab of equipment orientated toward the power industry and can design, analyze as well as build prototype hardware. There are many advantages to employing our service including rapid turnaround engineering, fixed cost development and guaranteed schedule adherence. For your next project please feel free to contact us. You won't be disappointed.

Electronic Design Engineer TESLAco

Phone: 949-218-1721
Email TESLAco
Principal Dr. Ćuk has over 45 years of experience in conducting research and consulting in power electronics, solving problems ranging from commercial, industrial, military to space designs. The chances are that the problems you might need help with have been already either addressed or solved by Dr. Ćuk and his team! His experience is augmented by presenting public courses to over 5,000 engineers worldwide as well as giving in-house courses to companies, like IBM, Hewlett Packard, Boeing, Phillips and many others.

  Thompson Consulting, Inc.

Phone: 978-456-7722
Email Thompson
Dr. Marc Thompson specializes in custom R/D, analysis, and failure investigations into multi-disciplinary electrical, magnetic, and electronic systems at Thompson Consulting, Inc. He also is an Adjunct Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Thompson is the author or co-author of 3 textbooks, has 7 U.S. patents and is a Firefighter with the Harvard, Massachusetts Fire Department. Dr. Thompson is author of a textbook entitled Intuitive Analog Circuit Design, published in 2006 by Elsevier Science/Newnes. Another text entitled Power Quality in Electronic Systems, co-authored with Dr. Alexander Kusko, was published by McGraw-Hill in 2007. Dr. Thompson has contributed 3 chapters to Analog Circuits (World Class Designs), published by Elsevier in 2008. Dr. Thompson has the BSEE, MSEE and Ph.D. degrees, all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Electronic Design Engineer Triad Magnetics

Phone: 800-624-6384
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Triad Magnetics is a magnetics design and engineering company. Our engineering team specializes in power electronics and is ready to consult on magnetics for ac-dc/dc-dc converters, inverters, power measurement and power conditioning applications. In addition Triad can provide samples and prototypes that can be used for design verification and testing. Let us show you how we can help you get your product to market - faster and within budget.

Electronic Design Engineer True Power Research, LLC

Phone: 970-670-0040
Email True
Services: ● Low and medium power switch mode power supply design ● High frequency magnetics design ● Linear power supply design ● High voltage power supply design ● Analog circuit design ● Printed circuit board layout design ● Surface mount technology design ● SPICE circuit modeling and simulation ● Design with MathCad ●Production documentation ● Prototype testing ●Troubleshooting and failure mode analysis ● Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ● Design for reliability ● Mean time between failure ● Military standard design and testing ● Specification reading and writing ● Technical report writing ● Mentoring for reliable design practice ● Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Onenote, Outlook Education: Master of Science in Power Electronics, Walden University.

  Vorpérian Power Electronics Engineering

Phone: 714-878-5002
Email Vorpérian
Vatché Vorpérian holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology where he studied with Drs. R.D. Middlebrook and S. Cuk. He taught on the faculty of Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech from 1984-1991. In 1991 he joined the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. He has authored over 30 papers published in various journals and conferences and has authored a book "Fast Analytical Techniques in Electrical and Electronic Circuits", published by Cambridge University Press. He has taught professional development courses extensively from his book and his notes on power electronics for industry. He is a part time consultant with services as described on his website.

Electronic Design Engineer Watt & Well

Phone: +33 1 42 37 36 84
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Watt & Well is an innovative power electronics design bureau providing, in addition to its custom designed prototypes and applications, consultancy services and feasibility studies. Watt & Well is specialized in the development of harsh conditions (high temperature, recurring shocks, high levels of vibration, EMC, radiation) and highly reliable compact power supplies and electric motor control units. Working with leading world corporations in oilfield services and aerospace industries, Watt & Well is also active in the e-mobility and industrial applications sectors. A highly proactive company, Watt & Well is committed to providing rapid results to all aspects related to power electronics throughout a project, from the requirements definition, to the optimization of an application and so on until rapid prototyping capabilities. Numerous advantages could be derived from a high temp power electronics design that positively affects the footprint, the weight, and the reliability of a system.

Electronic Design Engineer Wegatech Electronic

Email Wegatech
Wegatech Electronic is an engineering company that provides custom electronic design. This includes dc-dc switch mode power supplies, ac-dc power supplies, embedded system designs, high current motor controllers, wireless devices, LED drivers, battery power chargers and other products. We have been providing design services to clients from all over the world. If you have an idea, but do not have an engineering team, let's work together in getting a solution that meets your requirement at a price that meets your budget
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