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Topics in this section include:

  • Designing with silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky rectifiers
  • Using silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky rectifiers in PFC stages
  • Designing with silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs and JFETs
  • Designing with gallium nitride (GaN) devices

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Analysis Of Core Hysteresis Loss Underscores Transformer Efficiency Challenges 02/15/23
SEE Testing On GaN FETs—Interpreting Results For Space Power Applications04/15/22
Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger (Part 8): Thermal Management02/15/22
Ruggedizing Buck Converters For Space And Other High Radiation Environments01/14/22
Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger (Part 7): Auxiliary Power Supply Units For 800-V EV Chargers01/14/22
Consider The Tradeoffs When Choosing Probes For 48-V Applications11/15/21
Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger (Part 6): Gate Drive System For Power Modules10/15/21
Integrated GaN Power Stages Enable High-Performance 48-V To 12-V Power Converters09/15/21
Bidirectional Switches Permit ZVS Operation In Single-Ended Forward Converters06/15/21
Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger (Part 3): PFC Stage Simulation06/15/21
Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger (Part 2): Solution Overview05/15/21
Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger (Part 1): The EV Application04/15/21
Demystifying Three-Phase PFC Topologies02/15/21
Increasing Power Density In Three-Phase Inverters With Direct-Cooled SiC Power Modules10/15/20
How Application-Driven Performance And Reliability Requirements Shape Design and Qualification Of GaN Power Devices06/15/20
Designing An Ultra-Thin Stepdown Converter: Multiphase Vs. Multilevel05/15/20
Just How Fast is GaN Fast?03/12/20
GaN-Based Wireless Power Enables Efficient, Seamless Multi-Device Charging02/14/20
Matching Driver IC And FETs Bring GaN Benefits To Low-Voltage POL Converters12/13/19
How To Drive Rad Hard E-Mode GaN Transistors Efficiently And Safely11/15/19
Versatile SiC JFETs Benefit Power Switching And Circuit Protection Applications08/15/19
Advanced Scopes And Probes Help Optimize SMPS Gate Drives For EMC08/15/19
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 8): Common-Mode Noise Mitigation In Isolated Designs02/15/19
Two-Switch Flybacks Outperform LLC Resonant Converters On Most Parameters01/16/19
Using Kelvin Connections to enhance switching efficiency in SiC FETs11/12/18
Selecting A Freewheeling Diode Solution For Lowest Losses With SiC MOSFETs06/15/18
Development Tools Aim to Overcome Designers’ Hesitation About SiC MOSFETs 06/15/17
Optimize Half-Bridge Circuit Designs Through Accurate VGS Measurements06/15/16
Clearing Up Confusion About GaN Power Transistors (Part 2): Proving Power GaN Reliability04/15/16
Clearing Up Confusion About GaN Power Transistors (Part 1): Marketer, Scientist Or Engineer--”Who Should You Believe?03/15/16
Tips And Tricks For High-Speed, High-Current Measurement01/15/16
Assessing next-generation discretes11/05/15
Controller IC Eases Design Of Quasi-Resonant AC-DC Converter Using SiC Power Switch10/15/15
Novel GIT Structure Solves Current Collapse In GaN Power HEMTs 09/15/15
Understanding Evolution Of SiC Schottkys Is Key To Device Selection08/17/15
Advantages Of GaN FETs Versus "Best Of Breed" Silicon MOSFETs07/15/15
Designing Offline LED Drivers With GaN07/15/15
GaN technology and the potential for EMI07/01/15
Advancing power supply solutions through the promise of GaN02/01/15
How to measure the world's fastest power switch11/13/14
Cascode Configuration Eases Challenges Of Applying SiC JFETs In Switching Inductive Loads 08/15/14
On-Chip Drivers Enable High-Current, Normally Off GaN Transistors (Part 1)05/15/14
How are SiC and GaN Catching up to Planar Magnetics?03/20/14
Modular Solution Simplifies Design Of PFC Front-End For Inverters In Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems01/16/14
Matrix Transformers May Find New Life In the SiC and GaN Era 12/16/13
Understanding The Breakdown Characteristics Of Lateral GaN-Based HEMTs09/16/13
GaN Power Devices Enable High Efficiency Totem Pole PFC05/01/13
GaN Power Devices Slash Size, Raise Efficiency Of 4-kW Solar Inverter04/15/13
Vertical Devices In Bulk GaN Drive Diode Performance To Near - Theoretical L imits 03/15/13
Silicon Carbide (SiC) 10KW Interleaved Boost Converter Achieves 99.1% Peak Efficiency12/04/12
Silicon Carbide Power Solutions Are Ready To Revolutionize Motor Drives08/30/12
eGaN FETs for Wireless Power Applications07/01/12
eGaN FET-Silicon Shoot-Out Vol. 9: Wireless Power Converters06/27/12
600 V GaN on Si-Based Power Devices Use GaNpowIR06/27/12
eGaN FET—Silicon Power Shootout Volume 8: Envelope Tracking04/30/12
Exploiting the high temperature promise of SiC04/03/12
Operation of a New Half-Bridge Gate Driver for Enhancement-Mode GaN FETs, Type LM5113, Over a Wide Temperature Range12/01/11
How2 Get From AC To Below 1 V With eGaN FETs09/27/11
High Step-Down Ratio Buck Converters With eGaN Devices11/23/10
How2 Understand eGaN Transistor Reliability10/22/10
How2 Get The Most Out Of GaN Power Transistors06/29/10
PFC Efficiency Improvement Using SiC Power Schottky Rectifiers01/26/10
GaN Based Power Technology Stimulates Revolution in Conversion Electronics04/01/09
3rd Generation Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes Pave theWay for Energy Efficient Power Solutions03/30/09
Silicon Carbide Diodes Make Solar Power Systems More Efficient10/01/08
Selection Guide of SiC Schottky Diode in CCM PFC Applications08/01/06
Sic Puts New Spin On Motor Drives01/01/05
SiC Schottky Diodes in Power Factor Correction08/01/04
SiC Power Schottky Diodes in Power Factor Correction Circuits 11/01/02

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